In terms of personal data processing, any organization must today meet specific requirements aimed at guaranteeing the rights of each citizen. Our role is to help it become compliant by working, starting from a risk analysis and an evaluation of the procedures already in place, to the implementation of new governance and best practices in matters protection of privacy.

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Compliance management

Outsource the management of your compliance with legislation concerning the protection of personal data. A complete expertise to develop your procedures and practices related to the processing of personal data and guarantee respect for the duties of the company and the rights of citizens. As an external DPO, we promote an organization-wide culture related to the protection of personal data, to enable it to evolve better, with respect for all, at the heart of the digital society.

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IT protection level assessment

Regularly or occasionally, we can assess the level of protection of personal data across an organization. With this in mind, we can perform audits to ensure that a given company, like a subcontractor who manages certain information, meets all of the data protection requirements entrusted to them, or perform vulnerability and penetration tests of a company’s IT systems.

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And also…

Review of contracts

We control your contracts to ensure they comply with the GDPR, because lawyers aren’t trained to ensure data protection through procedures, risk assessment, audits, IT security trainings. We help them to add important information to ensure privacy.

ISMS & ISO27001

Our IT security missions allow companies to organize themselves and cover risks that are always reassessed after years. GDPR compliance requires through article 32, adequate security 

CISO as a service

In the case of a temporary absence of a security manager in your company, we will take over! We also support IT security managers to help them with their most complex missions.

Risk analysis

We identify the risks that threaten your business, by level of severiyt. And we offer you clear action plans.

Audit missions 

The purpose of the audits is to confirm that your partners respect the state of the art and your data security requirements that they manage with you. They can also be performed on request to identify security risks in your business.

Expertise missions 

As a member of the Luxembourg Chamber of Experts, Julien Winkin is called upon to give an expert opinion before the courts and tribunals, mandated either by the judge or by other parties.