External CISO Mandate

A team at the service of your IT security

To help companies cope with cyber threats and meet their cybersecurity compliance challenges, Luxgap has established an External CISO offer. Through it, we support you in the management of all aspects related to security. Outsourcing the CISO function allows you to access a unique expertise without having to recruit skills that are currently rare on the market.

Chief Information Security Officer

What is a CISO?

The CISO is the pillar of cybersecurity within a company. As the main IT security manager, it is their responsibility to ensure the protection of data and information systems against all forms of threats, whether internal or external. This role extends far beyond the simple implementation of firewalls or antivirus software. It includes the definition of a strategy, risk management, compliance and awareness of the entire company about security.


How do we intervene as an External CISO?

Luxgap, as part of its external CISO offer, assumes all the responsibilities incumbent on the function.


The identification phase allows the company to list the risks to which it is exposed, before the occurrence of an attack. This phase makes it possible to determine the following steps.

Following an attack, it is necessary to repeat this phase in order to protect yourself from other attacks of the same type

During the securing phase, we support you to take concrete measures to establish your protection and prevent attacks on your infrastructure. This can include material measures but also organizational measures.

No company can fully protect itself from attacks, regardless of the efforts made at the previous stages. That is why it is essential to have tools and procedures to detect successful attacks, in order to react to them.

This critical phase determines your entire reaction if an attack manages to break through the protection measures that you have established.

When the attack has been stopped and no longer poses an immediate threat, it is necessary to restore the normal functioning of your services but also to document the incident so that the new identification phase makes it possible to prevent the occurrence of other attacks of the same type.

External CISO

Improve your security level with LuxGap

Luxgap, acting as an external CISO, monitors all these issues, maintaining for this a close and trusting relationship with the company. We provide you with in-depth expertise around these security issues, taking into account both legal and compliance aspects as well as technical solutions.