Effective DPO and GDPR training

Luxgap puts its expertise at your service by offering a range of training courses around personal data protection and computer security.


A dedicated platform, targeted training and immediate validation

For several years, Luxgap has developed its own online training platform. This offers us great flexibility and allows us to respond to all your requests, even the most specific ones.

We can also arrange face-to-face training at your premises or online by Teams.

To determine the terms of your next DPO or GDPR training, do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Training to meet your compliance needs

We set up tailor-made training courses to meet your specific needs. The training courses offered by Luxgap are included as part of our external DPO mandates, but can also be implemented or followed independently of these.

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Examples of training:


Initiation and good practices in computer security e


Awareness-raising of team members about the risks associated with the processing of personal data, for themselves and for the company.

Knowledge Deepening

Training on more advanced topics, such as Privacy by Design, CARPA, NIS, etc.

Knowledge Maintaining

Annual training of employees on data protection in their profession


Training for people who are required to take over the role of Data Protection Officer within their company.

Whatever training you choose, we make sure to build it, with you, so that it brings you exactly what you are looking for. This custom-made work allows us to provide you with the tools and methodologies to guarantee the protection of the personal data of your customers and partners.

Why train your teams?

The entry into force of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has very concrete implications for how companies should manage their personal data.

However, not all companies have the resources to use tools and apply the right methodology to meet these new obligations. In order to help them in their efforts, Luxgap offers a whole range of training courses dedicated to this subject.