Audit and


Luxgap helps you meet regulatory obligations in the field of data management and protection as well as in terms of IT security and operational resilience.

For several years, the European regulator has been developing a strict regulatory framework in this area in order to guarantee the trust and protection of users towards thee economic actors. Our expertise in this field makes it possible to assess your level of compliance and to help you meet the various requirements that you are accounting for.

Outsourcing this function to Luxgap represents many advantages.

GDPR Compliance

Your company has put in place a series of procedures to ensure that it complies with the requirements of the GDPR, but are you wondering if this is enough?

Luxgap offers you to carry out various types of audits in order to assess your level of compliance.

DORA Compliance

In a world where digitization is omnipresent, the security and resilience of digital operations have become unavoidable priorities.

We offer you our compliance service with the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), a European regulation designed to strengthen the digital operational resilience of the financial sector.

AI ACT Compliance

Are you planning to create or use tools and systems that rely on Artificial Intelligence?

Luxgap informs and supports you, to guarantee your compliance with the AI Act, the regulatory framework developed by the European Union.