Your external

DPO mandate

The function of Data Protection Officer (DPO or DPO – data protection officer) was introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation.

All companies required to process a significant number of personal data on a regular and systematic basis must appoint a DPO. And this applies to both large groups and SMEs.

Outsourcing this function to Luxgap represents many advantages.

why chose Luxgap?


External DPOs are experts in their field. They have in-depth knowledge of data protection regulations and are up to date on the latest developments.

Saving money

Hiring an external DPO can be more affordable than hiring or training an employee. No training costs etc.


When you hire an external DPO at Luxgap, you actually benefit from the support of a whole team. This means that several experts can work on your file, offering a wider range of expertise and availability.


Unlike an employee, an external DPO does not take leave and does not resign. You are assured of uninterrupted coverage and follow-up.


An external DPO offers you an objective and independent perspective on the areas that concern him, without being influenced by the internal dynamics of the company.


Finding a good DPO and keeping them can be a real challenge.
With an external DPO, you don't have to worry about recruiting or retaining staff members. .


Being a DPO in a company can be a lonely task, with no one to challenge or support you. An external DPO has the support of a team, which can improve the quality of work.

Starting at 1000€

An all-inclusive external DPO mandate

Our team of specialists offers you to take charge of all the missions that should be assumed by a DPO within your company, from 1,000 euros per month. This represents a fraction of the investment required to acquire – and keep up to date – these skills internally.

We perform data protection impact assessements!

We identify your processors, customers, etc. and carry out the due diligence to certify their compliance with data protection legislation.

We analyze the maturity of your cybersecurity solutions (pentests, annual audit of the IT department, support in the correction of vulnerabilities, etc.)

We inform the persons whose data are processed of the use that is made of them and of their rights.

We train your staff and ensure their awareness of data protection issues on site, via Teams or on our online platform.

We carry out the annual reviews of the registers containing these data.

A team of specialists

With solid tools

Our company brings together legal skills and expertise in computer security.

Luxgap also relies on powerful tools that allow us to speed up our work and thus limit the amounts we charge, without losing quality of service.