Your partner in GDPR compliance

We make trust the engine of your development

By contributing to the optimal protection and security of personal data at the organizational level, Luxgap implements the conditions of trust allowing everyone to better evolve at the heart of our economy.

En contribuant à la protection et sécurisation optimale des données personnelles à l’échelle des organisations, Luxgap met en œuvre les conditions de confiance permettant à chacun de mieux évoluer au cœur de notre économie.

The combination of legal and information security

Why trust us !

Luxgap brings together legal expertise and advanced IT security skills at the heart of a single team to ensure that you meet regulatory privacy requirements and optimally protect this valuable information entrusted to you.

It is the combination of these complementary skills that allows us to develop comprehensive approaches to data protection, following best practices and the highest standards. By accompanying you over time, we help you raise your level of maturity, to make trust the engine of your development.

Luxgap rassemble au cœur d’une seule équipe une expertise juridique et des compétences poussées en sécurité informatique pour vous assurer de répondre aux exigences réglementaires en matière de respect de la vie privée et de protéger de manière optimale ces informations précieuses qui vous sont confiées.

C’est l’alliance de ces compétences complémentaires qui nous permet de développer des approches globales de la protection des données, suivant les meilleures pratiques et les standards les plus élevés. En vous accompagnant dans le temps, nous vous aidons à élever votre niveau de maturité, pour faire de la confiance le moteur de votre développement.


A global approach

It combines the two essential dimensions to guarantee optimal protection of personal data, namely legal expertise and advanced skills in the field of IT security


A continous improvement approach

We implement the high standards in this area (ISO27001) to constantly raise our level of maturity as well as that of our customers.


A logic of partnership

We share your risks and your goals. in order to fully understand your risks related to the protection of personal data, to minimize them as much as possible. In this way, we can help you better achieve your goals.


Opportunity beyond constraint

We consider the challenges of protecting personal data not as a cost center but as a real vector of trust and growth. More than protecting yourself from sanctions, the measures taken must allow you to guarantee the sustainability of the relationships you have and to convince other actors to convince you.


Guaranteed independence

Our independence, between you, your clients and the regulator, is at the foundation of the trust that the clients place in us. It aims to respect everyone’s rights and duties and guarantees the organization’s compliance with the regulations in force, through the implementation and application of good practices and efficient governance.


Transparency as a requirement

To achieve the objectives set, it is essential to create lasting relationships that respect each other. We act transparently, both to the organization, the service user and the regulator. The client has full visibility of all of our actions. We say things openly, with candor and the will to act with respect for all.